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  • You can book your first class on our "Book Online" tab! You do not have to be a member to take a class. All classes require online booking. Trial gloves and wraps are provided when you arrive for class. Check out our "First Timers" tab for more details!

  • If you want to see pictures, videos, and descriptions of our classes, click on the "Classes" tab!

  • To sign up for a membership and check out our prices, click on the "Prices" tab. Membership packages can only be purchased through our website.

  • All membership packages come with new gloves and wraps!

  • If you have additional questions, you can use the chat box on the website and we will be happy to answer them!


4 for $40

Rebounder Classes

  • Burn more calories in a shorter amount of time than running without the extra stress on the ankles and knees 

  • Boosts lymphatic drainage and immune function

  • Potential to reduce cancer risk

  • Supports bone density, bone strength, and bone formation, while decreasing bone resorption

  • Helps circulate oxygen throughout the body to increase energy

  • Helps improve digestion

  • Rebounding is fun and safe for all

414 Tennessee st. suite I

Redlands, Ca. 92373

Tel: 909-792-7844


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