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Motivational Speaker/Coach Author of Unlocking Your Best Self:10 Key Techniques to Improve YourSelf-Esteem

Personal Fitness Trainer Certified (NESTA) 2007

UKB Cardio Kickboxing Instructor since 2001

Instructional Classes: Cardio Kickboxing & Bags

Michael Brummer

How I got into fitness:

I had the good fortune of living a healthy and fit lifestyle at a young age.  My mother was the main force behind my early exposure to fitness, sports, and introduced me to healthy, well-balanced, delicious, multi-ethnic meals. After my mother’s death, I became severely depressed and gained 40 pounds during my college and graduate school years.  I treated my depression and gained the strength and motivation to start my weight-loss process in 1998 with Tae-Bo videos I used for independent training.  After earning certification as a personal fitness trainer through NESTA, I have worked with people individually and in groups to help them burn fat, build muscle, and counseled them on wellness, self-esteem and healthy eating so they can live their best lives. The best day of my life was on August 25, 2012. I was invited to the filming of “Tae-Bo LIVE” where I was involved with my mentor and inspiration, Billy Blanks, to become a cardio kickboxing instructor.  


Why UKB?

Because of my love for Tae-Bo, I sought out a gym that provided a similar workout.  UKB is the only gym in the area that offers AKB classes similar to Tae-Bo with the additional challenge of the bags which enhances the class with boxing and kickboxing combinations. I enjoy UKB because the AKB classes are unique and they have a variety of other classes to choose from as well. In 1999, I became a member of UKB and loved it so much that I eventually became an instructor in 2001.  I am a strong advocate of cardio kickboxing because it is the BEST total-body workout on the planet!

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