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Precision Nutrition Certification level 1 (in process)

TRX Certified Group Instructor 2014

Strong First Barbell Training Course 2014

Battling Ropes Certification 2012

Functional Movement Certification 2012 

Redhouse Kettlebells for Personal Training 2010

HardStyle Body Weight Workshop 2010

Russian Kettlebell Level 1 Certification 2009

UKB Cardio Kickboxing Certified since 2003

Weightlifting since 1987

Group Classes Taught: Kettlebells, Cardio Kickboxing, Bags, Core Interval, TRX & Battling Ropes

Wendy Beitel

How I got into fitness:

I was an athlete growing up. I lettered in 5 sports in high school and was planning on playing volleyball in college, but was unable to continue because of an accident. I really missed sports, not only the physical aspect, but the camaraderie. I took my first Jazzercise class for college PE and just loved it! I have been involved in a variety of group classes as both a student and an instructor. Group exercise gave me back what I missed from sports!


Why UKB?

I got started as an instructor at UKB just by chance. My kids were taking martial arts classes and I decided to join the kickboxing classes that were going on concurrently to be able to get in my exercise. One day, there was no instructor for a class. Because I had been an instructor and was on maternity leave, I volunteered to serve as a substitute. And the rest is history! I started as a sub, but quickly given my own class. I started the first Sculpt class, and then after Monique took over the business, I have been involved in learning new methods of exercise and gained a wealth of knowledge at the courses we have attended together. I love the atmosphere at UKB.  Whether I am instructing or taking a class, there is a feeling of support and encouragement. I like the healthy competition too!  I really enjoy seeing someone make gains in their strength and movement. Our members make me want to come join them anytime and make me want to be the most educated and strongest instructor I can be. 

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