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TRX certified since 2016

Russian Kettlebell Certified level 1 since 2015

Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification 2011-2015

Strong First Barbell Course participant 2014

UKB Cardio Kickboxing Certified since 2011

Battling Ropes Certified since 2011

Member of UKB since 2003

Group Instruction: Cardio Kickboxing, Bags, Kettlebells, TRX, & Battling Ropes

Steph Nadig Keeth

How I got into fitness: 

In 2002, I was working my first two years as a registered nurse in the ICU and night shift. I reached my maximum weight, was chronically tired, out of shape, and only 26! I knew I had to change things drastically. I was finally able to move to day shift and resume a normal schedule. That is when I started focusing on fitness and health. I picked up Spinning and Pilates through a coworker who found UKB. I took one class (taught by Julie!) and was hooked! That was it! Since 2003, fitness became a major focus and a very important part of my life.


Health and fitness are a large part of what I do every day as a nurse. I am an acute care nurse practitioner, with a large part of my job focusing on the care of those with obesity and bariatric surgery. My passion for fitness carries over into my work to improve the health of others.


Why UKB?

UKB is an amazing gym! UKB offers a variety of workouts that exceed the status quo. I’ve been a member of plenty of gyms, but never as long as UKB. The environment is not intimidating; it is supportive and friendly. Everyone there pushes each other to meet their individual goals. Of course there is friendly competition, but it is always in good fun. Instructors bring a fresh, current, and challenging workout to their classes. The members bring an energy that keeps instructors excited. UKB is the place to work out and be with great people!

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