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Absolute Cardio


Rebounding Class

Our beginner friendly rebounder class begins with a brief introduction on how to use the rebounder trampoline, showing you how to get the most benefits out of this class. The 35-40 minute class is designed of three different components: cardio, HIIT, and tempo rebounding. Plus, we've thrown in abs and core/balance to complete your workout. Our rebounder classes are taught by certified Jump Sport Rebound instructors. We aim to get you burning calories, your heart pumping, and having fun while taking our class. Besides the amazing workout you'll get you'll be amazed at how you'll feel when your done with class. Read below the amazing benefits that rebounding has to offer:

  • Burn more calories in a shorter amount of time than running without the extra stress on the ankles and knees 

  • Boosts lymphatic drainage and immune function

  • Potential to reduce cancer risk

  • Supports bone density, bone strength, and bone formation, while decreasing bone resorption

  • Helps circulate oxygen throughout the body to increase energy

  • Helps improve digestion

  • Increases endurance on a cellular level by stimulating mitochondrial production (these are responsible for cell energy)

  • Helps improve balance by stimulating the vestibule in the middle ear

  • Rebounding is fun and safe for all

*The weight limit set by the manufacturers to use this equipment and therefore take this class is 220lb.

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