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At Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness, you will experience the ultimate workout in both cardiovascular and strength training. Established originally as a kickboxing/MMA training facility, our 3,800 square foot facility has evolved into the most superior aerobic kickboxing studio in the Inland Empire since 1998.  Our facility offers the resistance of 150 lb. punching bags in a large group setting. Our upbeat instructors will guide you through a series of punches and kicks choreographed to music and/or timed circuits. These unique 1-hour group classes will immediately get you sweating and burning calories. Our non-competitive cardio kickboxing style provides an intense and gratifying training session.


Strength and endurance are also crucial elements of the UKB fitness philosophy. Our popular Kettlebell & Barbell Combo classes provide the ultimate way to strengthen the core, build muscle and stamina for all levels of fitness. Sculpt and Battling Ropes group classes strengthen and tone. We take great pride in providing you with the safest and friendliest training environment. TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) Suspension training is also integrated into our strength training classes.


UKB also provides special strength training programs that are offered annually. Once a year, we offer the Fat Loss and Strength programs in Kettlebell and TRX that are enhanced with guided nutrition and weight assessments through Precision Nutrition. Members of the program can measure their gains and optimize their fitness goals. Such plans can be obtained without full membership. Our kettlebell/barbell combo program and the TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) Suspension training program are facilitated with a skilled and certified staff.  

Unlike some commercial gyms, our strength instructors are trained through top certifications to allow proper instruction for our members to prevent injury and help build proper fundamental tactics in utilizing exercise equipment effectively.  


The studio also boosts the schedule with bonus classes that provide members with refreshing, creative, & delightfully intense workouts at no additional cost based on member interest and instructor availability. Charity fundraising events also give UKB a chance to help the community with weekend bootcamps that are open to the public for a small fee and at no additional cost to current members.  


Our members have access to clean showers, lockers and restrooms. Our front desk conveniently sells cold water bottles, energy drinks, and protein drinks. Quality equipment such as hand wraps and gloves are also available to rent or buy. Wraps and gloves are mandatory in most kickboxing classes and are included in the membership.

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