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Personal Training

New to fitness? Returning from a break? Or do you just want to take your fitness to the next level? Monique and Ian are Certified Personal Trainers. They will design a customized fitness program catered to your individual needs at every level: beginner, injury rehabilitation, permanent or temporary disability modification, consistent training, and advanced fitness. They will analyze your current fitness state and use the data to monitor your progress to help you reach your goal. Our trainers are certified in nutrition and fitness techniques  that provide many health benefits to improve and maximize your overall wellness. Your coach will help you find your personal best! 

Ian Bjerke: CPT, TRX (STC)

(909) 838-4795

Monique LaFontaine-Tomaso: CPT, RKC II, Battling Ropes, FMS, TRX(GTC),

Precision Nutrition Coach

(909) 913-1492

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