A high-energy, sweat-inducing cardiovascular training session set to music! Release your tension on a 150-lb. punching bag with punch & kick combos! 


AKB Fusion:

Get ready for some fusion fun with a knockout blend of aerobic & strength techniques! Fusion is an assortment of step aerobics, free weight & resistance routines, plyometric & abdominal moves, intervals, & a non-stop session of kickboxing combos on our 150 pound bags! Get a little of everything is this sweat-worthy power-packed workout!

AKB Combo:
This kick-“booty” training session is set to a rockin’ pace with boot-camp style! Punching bag combinations boost you into your target heart-rate and beyond! Intense plyometric and physical drills will always keep those muscles guessing! 

AKB Community Class:

Join us for 60 minutes of: heart pumping heavy bag punch and kick combos, as well as some strength building, body toning exercises. Only $5.00 open to the public.


Bag Blast:

This 30-minute training session will maximize your time! This bag-blasting class uses our 150-lbs punching bags as the primary source of your cardiovascular conditioning for the duration of this calorie-burning sweat session. 

Core Cool Down:

Crunch, chisel, and reveal that 6-pack! This 30-minute class focuses on building abdominal strength with a yogalates style (yoga & pilates combo) that applies constant contraction of your mid-section.

Core Interval Training (C.I.T.): 

This class applies muscle confusion to maximize your physical progress. The session entails the Tabata  technique which consists of 20 – 30 second bursts of fierce conditioning movements with little rest time between rounds. You’ll build endurance, balance, strength, and agility through the entire hour! 

A combination of cardio and strength training will give you an amazing balance of both worlds! This 60-minute class targets a variety of muscle groups and is infused with a cardio punching bag blast! 

Tighten and tone with this one-hour sculpt class! Pumping weights, grappling the TRX, wrestling with resistance bands, or wrangling with Battling ropes will make you sweat for a full hour of strength training.  


Ready for a quick burn? Intense 30 will HIIT the spot! The workout is a  variety of high intensity interval training drills that include work with bag combinations, battling ropes, focus mitts, tire work, and plyometrics that use both body weight and additional resistance. New routines every week! Get your half-hour of HIIT on today.

Press it, snatch it, squat it, swing it! A kettlebell is an amazing resistance training tool that builds strength, power, endurance, and cardio conditioning! Feel your power and strength increase with the weight of the bell.  

*A Kettlebell Basics class is required before attending this class.