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Results & Testimonials 

Dennis Lost: -15lbs., -3.9% Fat, -5.25" 

&  Sharron Lost: -10.2lbs., -1% Fat, -8.25" 


"I am Sharron Egan, and my husband, Dennis Williams, and I joined the Kettlebell Burn 2019 after being members of Ultimate Kickboxing for over a year. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  

I am over 60 years old, have had some back issues, aches and pains, and I just wasn’t sure if this was the right type of exercise program I could do. I was so happily surprised with it all. The program was somewhat overwhelming for me at the beginning, but as we grouped into teams with our own leader it all became more doable and the structure and support was one of the best parts. I showed up for just about every class session, took the training step by step, utilized the tools such as the Marco Polo app for group support, the food program, and the suggested recipes. My husband and I even signed up and enjoyed the premade meals that we had delivered at home. 

The assessments were done monthly with our team. The monthly weigh in and measurements were stressful at first, but it was such a positive experience as we saw the results; losing some weight but also losing inches and getting stronger. The point of gaining strength and not focusing on the weight loss number was a great incentive and really a good goal for us.

As everyone does in their life, we had challenges with trying to attend all the classes. There were times during the Burn when we were away on a trip, and we were able to take some kettlebells for a workout or do some kind of activity to continue with our programming as best as we could. The group support and the trainers’ feedback was so genuine and positive, that we feel we have developed a support system that is invaluable. We will go for it again this year and look forward to it even though it is a hard program. 


Sharron mentioned we both have back issues. That was my main concern.

Prior to signing up, Monique explained that she teaches everyone the proper technique. She watched us closely. Sharron learned the proper technique immediately. It took me a few sessions. What I can honestly say is that my back is stronger now than it has been in 30 years. That is something of miracle for me. 

I checked my ego at the door and followed instructions. A Kettlebell workout is strenuous and satisfying. You don’t need heavy weight. We ended all of our workouts feeling like we accomplished something. 

Our monthly assessments were successful. We both committed to the Kettlebell Burn and lost weight and inches. Like Sharron said, that isn’t the overall emphasis. It’s better health and strength. At 66 years old, I gained strength, lost weight and lost inches. 

The support from all of the instructors and all of the other people in the classes was great. They all want to see you succeed. I’m excited to start the Kettlebell Burn again.

I can’t thank the leaders enough. The truth is, I’ve been working out for years and never had the results I’ve had at Redlands Ultimate Kickboxing."  

Meghan lost blah blan.jpg

Meghan Lost: -19lbs., -3.5% Fat, -10" 

"Dedicating 16 weeks of my life to this program was a life changing decision for me. I was able to escape the bad cycle I was in and step into a healthy lifestyle. I lost 19 pounds, 3.5% body fat, and 10 inches and gained so much more. I gained strength, confidence, energy, and positive mental health. I was able to pull a tub of clothes out from my closet and wear things that hadn't fit in years."


Jennifer Lost: -20lbs., -3.6% Fat, -11.25" 

"Doing the Burn was a great experience, I lost weight and inches but most importantly I could see my body changing, it is unlike any experience I have ever had while trying to lose weight. I am so happy with my results so far."

-Jennifer G


Fernanda Lost: -9.8lbs., -2.7% Fat, -4" 

"After participating in the Kettlebell Fat Loss and Strength Program, not only did I lose fat and gain strength, but I also gained confidence. This program is a positive, motivating, and life changing experience, with the purpose to help others achieve their health goals!"


Brandi Lost: -9.2lbs., -2.3% Fat, -6" 

"Having been with UKB since “forever”, I was resistant to trying anything new. Kettlebell class pushed me outside of my routine and showed me the simplistic results of weight training! With the constant support and creative efforts of the UKB staff, I was able to push through the physical challenges and get myself back into the fitness game"


Nicole Before

Nicole Lost: -28lbs., -7% Fat, -5.25" 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the UKB&F Kettlebell program! It is feasible within a busy work schedule and meal prepping was an incredible time saver too. The most beneficial part of the program was the group-support system and making new friends. My coach was excellent at checking in and giving new ideas for the diet and she was incredibly motivating. The commerarderie helped to hold each other accountable for eating healthy but was also encouraging one another to show up to class. This support system has continued past the program and we continue to make sure we are eating right and going to the gym. I felt at my healthiest and strongest ever by the end of the program and particularly noted how much energy I had! I am looking forward to participating in the burn again and continuing to become even stronger and more fit! "

Nicole K.


Steph Lost: -3.5% Gained Muscle 

"This is my first nutrition/workout plan, so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but I can say that my results surprised me (in a good way). I have become stronger and leaner. And the best part- I finished it!

The program is amazing."


Khristin Lost: -16lbs., -3% Fat, -8.3" 

"I've been doing the UKB&F Program for about 5 or 6 years and I love it. I sign up every year because I know I'm going to get a great workout, but also because I love the definition and strength I get. And working out with friends is always a plus. They push me to go for the extra rep and squat lower than my last squat. "


Nadine Lost: -6.6lbs., -.8% Fat, -6.25" 

"After many attempts at other gyms and with other trainers, my weight loss journey began in February 2017 at UKB. After being diagnosed with thyroid disease and hashimoto's. I was skeptical if the burn program would work since I kept feeling dizzy. I was tired of being sick, feeling fat, depressed, tired, having low confidence and seeing minimal results so I started the program.

I started with changing my eating habits and attending all classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays without missing any classes. Our coaches showed me how to meal prep and how much my meals should consist of. Then I started walking/jogging 2 miles every Tuesday and Thursday with some other girls in the program.

There were times I wanted to quit when I started feeling sick and dizzy, but the coaches at UKB understood and gave me alternate exercises I could do that helped. I really appreciated their concern for my health during the program.

After 4 months I started seeing great progress I had made. I started at over 200 lbs and ended at 178 lbs. I had lost 30 lbs. but, more importantly; I was more toned and was seeing muscles starting to appear!

Thank you UKB!!


Val Lost: -4.4lbs., -2.3% Fat, -11.25" 

Valerie participated in our 4 month Kettlebell Fat Loss & Strength Program! She never missed a workout even though she could have had every excuse! Having just had a baby, who is only 8 months old now, and going back to work as an RN and getting her masters degree! She stayed consistent and worked hard to loss weight in the healthiest way possible! Val has done The Burn for the past 5 years and gets results every time, we are glad she didn't let anything get in her way this year!

Val 2019.jpg

Katie  Lost: -22lbs. 5.2% Fat, -7.5"

"I have always been just average never having the body I would like, but I never considered myself fat and I was always comfortable in my skin. In January 2012 I had my beautiful daughter; losing the baby weight and getting in shape was the last thing on my mind. After my friend Kelly did the Kettlebell Fat Loss and Strength Burn at Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness in 2012 and received amazing results, I decided to give the gym a try. The first kickboxing class I tried, I could barely make it through and I knew I was way out of shape. There was something that I just really liked about the gym so I decided to join. I started going in July 2012 to kettlebells once or twice a week or whenever I felt like going, not being consistent at all. I got stronger with the training but I didn't lose any weight. I wasn't committed. I only went sometimes and still ate whatever I wanted. During the holidays I didn't go at all and decided in January 2013 to get back in the gym. This summer I was going to have a toddler to keep up with and I wanted to get into shape. Once I started the Kettlebell Fat Loss Program I was all in. I started using My net diary to track my food and treated the gym like a job, making no excuses not to go, and only missing if I had to work. After losing 7 lbs in the first phase I thought, “I could really do this.” During phase 2 I found myself having a little more energy here and there and even finding it easier to do everyday things. As silly as it might sound even when I would sweep and mop the floor it felt much easier and I could get it done much faster. Then during phase 3 my job made it really hard to make it to all 3 classes, so I went out and I purchased my own kettlebells. I was able to get my training in at home. Everyone at Ultimate Kickboxing is so encouraging and motivating not only the trainers but the people I train with. I am always being challenged with every class I attend. I have met some amazing people who continue to push me to try new things. If I can do it anyone can do it, you just have to want it. I would recommend this gym to anyone who wants to try something new with their fitness or even a beginner like me." 


Nicole Lost: -20lbs., -4.% Fat, -7.50" 

I started attending UKBF personal training session with Monique approximately one year ago. I have struggled training due to many limitations from past injuries to my knees, right shoulder, right hand, and left wrist. I would wake up a couple of days each week with a joint that was unable to function. After three months of personal sessions with Monique, I was willing to attempt the 16-week Kettlebell program. I was nervous; it meant committing to changing the way I ate and working out at a high level 3 times a week. I wasn’t sure if my body could handle it. I threw up during the first session, twice. And I struggled mightily with the eating. It became clear that I was trying to change too much. I backed off on the diet changes but committed to showing up three times every week. I gained muscle, fast!! In the first four weeks I added 2.5 inches of muscle to my thighs. I was getting stronger which made it easier to continue to come. More importantly, I stopped waking up with joint problems. Stopped! I stuck with the program for the full 16 weeks. Though I didn’t experience much change in weight due to my not changing my diet, I had a significant increase in muscle and in strength. It has been 6 months since the program ended and I have continued to show up to the same classes, three times a week, every week. I can do so many things I could not do one year ago. I love kettlebell training! All my injuries had kept me from being active. Now I am no longer limited by them. I still have to be smart about what I lift and how I lift it. But I am able. I am excited for the Kettlebell program to start up again. This year I will add on the challenge of changing how I eat. I am excited to see the difference that will make.


*Nicole did commit to the KBFL&S Nutrtion Plan   Level 1 the following year and these were her   results.

Nipher Lost: -6% Fat & Gained Strength

After years of running, my body had reached a plateau and I wanted to try something different. Although I could run 22 miles a week, I didn’t have the muscle tone to press or squat heavy weights. The Kettlebell Fat loss and Strength Program turned out to be the program I was looking for. Coupled with an easy to follow nutritional program designed for each person, I was able to not only eat in accordance to what to my goals were, I was also able to go up in weight lifting each month.


I went from eating 2 big meals a day to 6 small meals a day, lost 6% body fat, toned my arms, legs and abs. In addition, I can deadlift 255lb, press 70lbs, and do a handful of pull-ups/chin-ups, something I couldn’t do prior. And if that wasn’t successful enough, I can no longer fit into any of my pants (jeans, dress pants and workout capris) as a result of them being too big. (I have been slowly updating my closet…But I guess that’s a good problem to have).


The Kettlebell Fat Loss and Strength program is transformational but what makes it worthwhile is the structural support built in by the trainers and the members in the class that encourage and push you to be your very best! You’re never alone and that helps with half the battle.

Nipher Malika 


Lita Lost: -6lbs., -3% Fat, -2" 

After listening to some of the stories from my fellow kettlebellers, I decided to sign up for the Burn this past year, which was a first for me. I was a little skeptical at first because, as some of you know I am on steroids, which is not fun to begin with. I get fatigued easily and all these “what if’s” kept filling my mind. At times it was rough but with the motivation of the instructors and friends I kept pushing. I was certain that it would be impossible to get any type of weight loss while on steroids. I was wrong and, in the end, I was happy with my results but I know I can do better and will continue to do better. Thanks to Mo for this amazing program.




Audra Lost: -17lbs. 3.50% Fat, -9"

“Last December Before I took part in the burn challenge I was suffering from knee problems almost monthly. When my doctor talked to me she said I had two choices I either lose weight or I continue having knee problems. I wasn't very active in the first place so I was skeptical of when my mom said she signed both of us up for the burn challenge. I will admit that it was hard at first but with the help of the instructors it became easier and soon I was moving up to heavier bells. Once I got past the first month I started to fall in love with kettlebells. It was a way for me to challenge myself to see how far I could go. Throughout the challenge I also met some amazing people who had goals like me. It was a great feeling to know that all of us were encouraging each other while striving for our goals. At the end of the challenge I was not only proud of myself for accomplishing my goal but also for everyone else. I absolutely can't wait for the next burn challenge and to see how far we can all go.”




Lynn Lost: -3.4lbs., -2% Fat, -12" 

Some of you know that in my younger years I was a top athlete. That was a very long time ago and life happens, kids, two back surgeries, and a 5 pound tumor removed from my abdomen. Needless to say my body is not in the shape it was when I was young and it never will be. I still deal with paralysis and pain but my attitude keeps me going, with a smile most days. I must admit this is not my first rodeo (kettlebell burn class) but this past class was the first time I had results that surprised me. I really paid attention to the eating program, attended class religiously, and under Monique’s nudging I did additional cardio (ropes and swings) on our days off. Results = a stronger me with some weight loss and a tighter body. I love this gym. I love the instructors and how they watch out to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, the comradery I have with my fellow kettlebellers, and the lasting friendships I have made. If you can’t do an exercise the instructors will show you an alternative that is just as effective. We all encourage each other to do our best and be our best – no competition, no worrying about how you look, no judgement! It is all in how “you” feel. We call ourselves “strong girls” and that is me. I know I am not in my 20’s or even my 50’s but I am healthier than most women in their mid 60’s and I am proud of it. Thanks Ultimate Kickboxing – I owe you my health!



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