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Rebounder  Testimonials 


"Rebounder Class has definitely amplified the intensity of my workouts, while also being super gentle on my joints. I enjoy that it’s a full body workout, and the instructors create fun moves and an energetic environment. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who needs low impact on their joints while getting a solid workout."


"Ultimate Kickboxing's Rebounder class is an absolute blast! This workout definitely gets your heart pumping but also proves to be easy on the joints, making it the perfect choice for those looking to break a sweat without the harsh impacts that sometimes come with a cardio workout. Take the class - you won't regret it!"


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"I am not a big fan of cardio, but this class is awesome! I really like how this class works my leg muscles and increases my overall endurance. I am quite sure it helps my other muscle groups. Monique makes this class fun and she utilizes a wide variety of moves and techniques. Corinne is also there to support Monique in helping members with these moves and they both make the class so entertaining that it doesn't seem like a workout. Don't be afraid, sign up for the next class. You won't regret it."


"If you want to elevate your heart rate in just a few minutes.....this is the class to take! I do all types of workouts and consider myself very active, from running half marathons, kickboxing, weight lifting, snowboarding, mountain biking... no other workouts or activities has ELEVATED my heart rate so quickly in a short period of time! Rebounder is also kind to your joints.

Abdominal workout on the Rebounder actually decreases the strain on your lower back and neck. Therefore, it allows you to focus on strengthening your core muscles.

With a Rebounder class you don't need to do it for 1 hour. In just 30 minutes you will get more than enough movements and SWEAT for the day!"



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"When I first saw the trampoline for rebounder class I thought, I could never do that! But Mo asked me to give it a try and now I love it. The first class I took, I was a bit scared of bouncing on it thinking I might fall but after a few minutes I got my balance and felt more confident. After that first class, I felt great. Although I was sweating a lot and my heart rate was going up, I felt amazing afterwards. As I drove home, I felt like I could have worked out for another hour!
I think I felt energetic and invigorated by the rebounder class because of the combination of cardiovascular exercise, rhythmic bouncing, and the release of endorphins.
Now that I've had few classes under my belt, I can say I truly love the energy that comes with rebounding.  I feel no pain on my joints, in fact, the pain that I felt on my knees actually went away after few classes. I will keep taking the class every chance I can." 


"If you’re looking for a fun, high energy, low impact workout this is the perfect one! It’s easy on the joints while still being super challenging. The best part is that it’s fun! Before you know it the workout is done and you’ve torched a ton of calories. Highly recommended!"



The rebounder class is amazing! Rebounder has increased my endurance overall. The instructors make this workout super fun while providing a great Cardiovascular workout without the impact. I have low back issues so my running days are over but with rebounding I get the same heart pumping workout without the pressure on my joints. Do not be intimidated and give it a try you won’t regret it!


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