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In keeping with our commitment to supporting you in your fitness journeys, we are bringing UKB&F to you. 
We have three unique channels for you to choose from: Cardio, Resistance Training, and Follow Along Kettlebells. You can have your favorite class at your fingertips. Purchase a single channel subscription or how ever many you want, depending upon your preferences. Whether you train at home, or with us in the studio, we want to welcome you to the UKB&F family!
Videos are categorized by channel. 
1.) Follow Along Videos: Cardio
2.) Follow Along Videos: Resistance Training
3.) Follow Along Videos: Kettlebell Training. This channel is for our members who have completed our Kettlebell Basics Class and regularly attend our kettlebell class.
Check out all the different channels and see which one speaks to you. All the videos will give you a 20 second sneak peek until you buy the channel. Once you subscribe to the channel, you will have full length access to all the videos within that channel, including the new frequently added videos. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.
AKB Fusion #9 (1)
Core Interval #29 (1)
Bags+ #4
Bags+ # 3