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Fat Loss

& Strength

Kettlebell Fat Loss & Strength Program

Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness offers a 16-week Kettlebell Fat Loss & Strength Program tailored to help you achieve your fitness goals. Lose body fat, increase strength, build muscle, and lose inches through the four phases of our kettlebell exercises. Our program kettlebell classes, led by our RKC and HKC Certified Instructors, will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm, and Fridays at 5:30pm. This will replace the regularly scheduled kettlebell classes. Using her Precision Nutrition Certification and knowledge, Monique has created 3 different nutritional plans for you to choose from. These range from beginner to advanced, and you will continue to personalize your plan with your coach as the program progresses. The nutrition plan is designed for the purpose of life-long eating habits to promote healthy, realistic options. Nutritional support and monthly assessments are maintained through the duration of the program to track participant progress. Registration begins in December and training for the program starts in January. The Kettlebell Fat Loss & Strength Program registration begins in December. Registration for the program begins in December 2023, practice for the program starts in January and will run from February through May 2024.

What is the program?

  • Kettlebell Basics Foundation Class

  • Kettlebell Instructional Practice

  • Nutritional Education/Meal Planning

  • Initial Assessments-Fat, Girth, and Weight

  • 16 Week Progressive Training Program (3 hours per week)

  • Measurement Tracking

  • Ongoing Support & Education

A Fitness Program That Works!!

Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness knows this kettlebell fat loss and strength program works. This will be our 13th year that we will kick off the New Year with a plan that anyone can follow to reach their weight loss goals.

We encourage current members, as well as anyone else interested in following a proven safe and effective program targeting weight loss, increasing lean muscle mass, and gaining strength through proper nutrition combined with kettlebell training.

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-3.5%  Fat


"Dedicating 16 weeks of my life to this program was a life changing decision for me. I was able to escape the bad cycle I was in and step into a healthy lifestyle. I lost 19 pounds, 3.5% body fat, and 10 inches and gained so much more. I gained strength, confidence, energy, and positive mental health. I was able to pull a tub of clothes out from my closet and wear things that hadn't fit in years."

~ Meghan



-3.6% Fat


"Doing the Burn was a great experience, I lost weight and inches but most importantly I could see my body changing, it is unlike any experience I have ever had while trying to lose weight. I am so happy with my results so far."


What Participants Are Saying




"I checked my ego at the door and followed instructions. You don’t need heavy weight. We ended all of our workouts feeling like we accomplished..."

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"The group support and the trainers’ feedback was so genuine and positive, that we feel we have developed a support system that is..."

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"After participating in the Kettlebell Fat Loss and Strength Program, not only did I lose fat and gain strength, but I also gained confidence...." 

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Before & After

The Benefits of Training with Others

Not only does research indicate increased success when training in groups, but we have also witnessed first hand during the Kettlebell Fat Loss & Strength Program: increased morale, the development of lasting friendships, accountability, camaraderie, and that healthy competitive edge that helps you push through those thresholds when you may otherwise quit.

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