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UKB Cardio Kickboxing Certified 2011

Athletic Training: Water polo, Swim, Dance

Martial Arts Training: Karate & Taekwondo

Anatomy and Physiology of Athletic Performance Course 

Group Instruction: Cardio Kickboxing & Bags


Quira Perez

How I got into fitness:

My parents started me in swim and dance at a very young age which sparked my love for sports, teamwork, and even competition. As I got older, I picked up water polo and Taekwondo. I became more conscientious about fitness when I was hired as a receptionist at UKB in 2007. Monique taught me about nutrition and conditioning which I never learned in my previous experience in sports. I was athletic but I wasn't maximizing my body's potential with appropriate nutrituion and muscle-specific conditioning. Through Monique and my personal trainer, Ian, my eyes were opened to the science of fitness and built the foundation for my passion.  

Why UKB?

UKB has been a second home for me since I was 16. Monique and Sadel, the owners of the studio, are the most kind-hearted people I have ever met on both a professional and personal level. Their presence and demeanor attracts similar clientele which creates such a positive and safe environment.  My favorite thing about the gym is that everyone who steps foot in the building (member or not) becomes a part of the UKB family. We all help each other, cheer each other on, and hold each other accountable to our individual goals. Witnessing so many transformations is truly inspiring and motivating. The unique thing about UKB is that the transformations are not solely because of the instructors at the gym, but from personal determination and support from the very enthusiastic and loving community. Becoming an instructor was such a humbling experience.  For one hour through the microphone, I am given the opportunity to return what was given to me. Since 2007, I have built relationships with members and still have them in my social life in and out of the gym. Because of this, I will never leave. Once you're in the UKB family, you stay! 

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