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Precision Nutrition (In Process)

Power Lifting Competition 2017

Powerlifting 2015

Strong First Barbell Instructional Course 2015

TRX Group Suspension Qualified Level 1 2014

UKB Cardio Kickboxing Certified 2013

Body Building 2012

Kettlebell Training 2010

Running (5K, 10K, Half Marathons)

Group Instruction: Cardio Kickboxing, TRX, & Bags

Jackie Lising

How I got into fitness:

My passion for fitness started as a young girl with my admiration of my dad at the boxing gym. I always enjoyed the boxing-style workouts and the level of satisfaction I got from hitting a bag. Later, I got into running.  It wasn’t until a half marathon and groin injury later that I realized the importance of strength training.


Power lifting has become my passion. Initially, my reasons for lifting were more aesthetic, and the health benefits were an added bonus. When I started to properly train and build strength, I discovered how much I enjoyed setting, reaching, and increasing my maximum weight goals.  Fitness was no longer about trying to look like someone on the cover of a magazine; it meant so much more. To me, fitness is the dedication and drive to see the reality of your determination being fulfilled by both your body and mind. I feel truly alive when I’m under that barbell. If I’m not teaching classes at the studio, you’ll find me squatting, benching, or dead lifting.

Why UKB?

I became a member at UKB in 2007. I loved the kickboxing-style workouts. It was different from any gym I ever experienced. Cardio kickboxing was fun! The musical cues led by the amazing instructors were addicting. I couldn’t seem to get enough! At first, I concentrated on my personal goals and maintained an individual focus, and now I’m surprised that I’ve built some of the best friendships. If not for the help of the kettlebell certified instructors, I would never have been able to rehabilitate my injury and learn the true importance of strength.  UKB has become more than a gym membership, it has become my family.

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