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Jump Sport Rebounder Certified 2023

Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified 2017

UKB Cardio Kickboxing Certified 2015

UKB member 2005

Girls’ & boys’ high school volleyball head coach (1999 – 2010)

Group Instruction: Bag, Cardio Kickboxing & Kettlebells

Corinne Tran

How I got into fitness:

I have always been an active person and athletically inclined. Years of playing, teaching, coaching, and practicing volleyball kept me fit throughout most of my life. Snowboarding for nearly 16 years also encouraged me to stay fit for optimal performance and fun. I loved the energy and intensity of AKB which provided the athletic challenge I needed to stay motivated to workout. 

I began taking fitness seriously and making it part of my lifestyle when I became pregnant with my second daughter. Unlike the first pregnancy, when my account was temporarily frozen, my UKB membership and attendance remained active (with support from my OB), and I participated in my 4th kettlebell burn program while my belly grew. Losing the baby weight and maintaining my mental wellness was only possible with active fitness; I attribute my rapid post-pregnancy weight-loss to the active fitness during my pregnancy. I have realized the impact that fitness, nutrition, and strength has made in my overall well-being and it has improved every area of my life. 

Why UKB?

The UKB aerobic kickboxing workout (AKB) gave me the intense physical challenge that I craved. The positive energy of the studio along with knowledgeable and supportive instructors created an outlet for me outside of my full time job and other stressors. In the process of learning to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I've made wonderful friends and gained a support system that keeps me focused on my goals. Corporate gyms and trendy studios cannot provide the intensity, honesty, support, and teaching practices that UKB offers its members. I became a cardio kickboxing instructor in 2015 and I love working here.  UKB has allowed me to discover how anyone can make fitness a fulfilling experience.

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