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Dynamic Stretching for Optimal Performance since 2016

TRX Certification since 2014

Strong First Barbell Course 2014

Certified Personal Trainer from American College of Sports Medicine since 2009

UKB Cardio Kickboxing Certified since 2009

Baby Boomer Fitness

Strength Training Anatomy

Strength Training Anatomy specialized for Females

Kinesiology major

Group instruction: Core Interval, Cardio Kickboxing, Bags, & Sculpt

Ian Bjerke

How I got into fitness:

I began my love for fitness when I was 16 years old and started personal training with Monique at Ultimate Kickboxing and Fitness. Monique trained my brother and me for over a year. I loved her enthusiasm and passion for fitness so much that after my 18th birthday, I took the exam to become a certified personal trainer. I enjoy going to the gym with my friends or solo and love teaching all classes here at the studio. I believe that there is always something new to learn and practice in the fitness industry and I don’t have any plans of stopping.

Why UKB?

The feeling that I have had the past 9 years here at UKB includes comfort, safety, and pure motivation. I love working here. I have seen first-hand how much of an impact this gym has had on people in all walks of life. We are a small family which is hard to find at corporate commercial gyms. We know each other by first name, hang out in and out of the gym and constantly strive to help each other. Without this gym I would have never become a personal trainer nor would I have all of the positive experiences, new friendships and personal and physical gains I cherish today. I love this gym, I love coming to work every day, and this is why I will never leave this place.

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