Safety and cleanliness protocol:

1.) Everyone must book their class online.

2.) When you come in use the front door and after class please exit through the back door only. 


3.) There is hand sanitizer in the lobby, please use before entering the workout room and there is also hand sanitizer by the exiting door. We ask everyone to please use hand sanitizer before cleaning the equipment that you used during class. There are three sanitation areas in the cardio room. Please keep social distance when utilizing sanitation area. 


4.) Classes are 50 minutes long so that we have a ten-minute gap between them. 

-We are excited to see all of you and know that you are all excited to see each other, however, after class please have all your conversations outside in the fresh air.

414 Tennessee st. suite I

Redlands, Ca. 92373

Tel: 909-792-7844