Deals For You Right Now

Right now we are offering two deals to sign up for our gym, either one month or three months. Both include our indoor classes, live Zoom classes, our live private Facebook group classes, and follow along videos! Check out our current class schedule on the booking page. Our classes include everything from Sculpt, Battling Ropes, Cardio Kickboxing, and much more! You will get a password to a page on our website to view our videos and an invite to our private facebook group. All classes for the upcoming week must be booked online through our "booking" page. 

Or try a single class before buying one of our deals?

Book a single class for $15 


Please read our Covid Guidelines below before coming in for class.

~ Get 1 month of our Cardio+ Package for $99!

Includes Gloves & Wraps 

-this includes all of our classes, excluding kettlebell classes

~ Get 3 months of our Cardio+ Package for $199!

Includes Gloves & Wraps

-this includes all of our classes, excluding kettlebell classes





Want to try a single class before buying one of our deals?

Book a single class for $15 


*Start day is one day after purchase. Expect an email/message within 24 hours of purchase with your coupon code to reserve your classes.

Safety and cleanliness protocol:

1.) Everyone must book their class online. We do not offer free trial classes right now due to the Covid-19.

 No more than 14-18 people will be allowed in class/workout area

2.) When you come in use the front door and after class please exit through the back door only 


3.) There is hand sanitizer in the lobby, please use before entering the workout room and there is also hand sanitizer by the exiting door. We ask everyone to please use hand sanitizer before cleaning the equipment that you used during class. There are three sanitation areas in the cardio room. Please keep social distance when utilizing sanitation area. 

4.) Face masks are to be worn in the lobby/waiting room 


5.) No more than 3 people allowed in the lobby


6.) Classes are 50 minutes long so that we have a ten-minute gap between them. 

-We are excited to see all of you and know that you are all excited to see each other, however, after class please have all your conversations outside in the fresh air


7.) Any class utilizing bags will have an assigned tape (blue, yellow, or white) color that is taped on the bag, they are pre-measured at 10 to 13 feet apart. The color will be posted in the lobby.

-The marked bags will be rotated every class so that the previously used bag is not getting reused

-You must use the color assigned, no exceptions


8.) All other exercises not requiring a bag need to be done on the blue tape that is marked on the floor at pre-measured spots that are 8 feet apart 


9.) Members will go directly to their designated workout area once the previous class is over

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