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TRX Certified 2014

UKB Cardio/Combo Kickboxing Certified  2011

UKB Member 2002

Group Instruction: AKB Combo, Bags, Cardio Kickboxing

Gayle McCully

How I got into fitness:

I’ve always been an active person.  I’ve had years of dance experience when I was younger and could always eat what I wanted.  I never had any issues with weight until I had my oldest son.  It was incredibly hard to shed the pregnancy weight.  I was looking for a different exercise program unlike the large corporate chain setting.

Why UKB?

Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness really caught my attention. The gym was under different ownership and at another location at the time. It had small class sizes with bags and cardio kickboxing. I remember trying to do sit-ups and just struggled like crazy to lose weight!  I loved the instructors, the environment, and the punching/kicking combinations.  The passion for fitness continued to grow when I started seeing results. Once the gym changed ownership, Monique really brought it to another level of fitness; she incorporated additional strength-training programs and required all instructors to be trained and certified. I started with kettlebells at its inception and gained even more strength than I ever thought possible!  Monique noticed my development and approached me to instruct. It was the best thing ever! I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful fitness team!

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